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Trails of Great North Mountain
Maintained by the Stonewall Brigade

All trails maintained by the Stonewall Brigade are located within the boundaries of the Lee Ranger District of the George Washington National Forest.

District Managers, Trail Overseers, and others associated with the maintenance of trails in the Great North Mountain District are members of the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club who volunteeer their time to perform this function, and who are approved for this purpose by the United States Forest Service.

District Manager : Don Upton
District Co-Manager : Lee Manning
Contact both at
Trail Overseers Only
Click Here for Trail Work Report Form
Trail Name and Description AKA Length Blaze Color PATC Map Coord Trail ID Code
Half Moon Trail
from Forest Road off WV 23/10 parking lot to Tuscarora Trail
HMT 3.2 miles Yellow Map F, D-14 632002
Half Moon Lookout Trail
from Half Moon Trail to Half Moon Lookout View
HMLT 0.8 miles White Map F, D-13 632003
Mill Mountain Trail
from Wolf Gap Recreation Area to Big Schloss Cutoff Trail
MMT 2.8 miles Orange Map F, E-19 632004
Mill Mountain Trail
from Big Schloss Cutoff Trail to Tuscarora Trail
MMT 3.2 miles Orange Map F, E-17 632005
Tibbet Knob Trail
from Wolf Gap Recreation Area to Virginia 691
TKT 2.4 miles Yellow Map F, E-21 632006
North Mountain Trail
from Virginia 691 to Stack Rock Trail
NMT 2.2 miles Orange Map F, C-23 632007
North Mountain Trail
from Stack Rock Trail to Virginia 720
NMT 4.3 miles Orange Map F, C-25 632008
Big Schloss Cutoff Trail
from Mill Mountain Trail to Forest Road 92
BSCT 1.9 miles Blue Map F, D-14 632009
Big Schloss Trail
from 2.3 Mile Marker of Mill Mountain Trail to Big Schloss View
BST 0.3 miles White Map F, E-18 632010
White Rock Trail
from Tuscarora Trail to White Rock Cliff
WRT 0.2 miles White Map F, G-14 632011
Gerhard Shelter Trail
from Tuscarora Trail to Vances Cove
GST 1.5 miles White Map F, F-9 632012
Little Stoney Creek Trail
from Forest Road 92 to Tuscarora Trail
LSCT 3.3 miles Yellow Map F, F-17 632013
Long Mountain Trail
from Virginia 691 to Trout Pond Trail
LMT 2.3 miles Yellow Map F, C-20 632014
Long Mountain Trail
from Trout Pond Trail to Forest Road 1621
LMT 3.7 miles Yellow Map F, B-17 632015
Long Mountain Trail
from Forest Road 1621 to Trout Run Road
LMT 2.2 miles Yellow Map F, B-14 632016
Stack Rock Trail
from Forest Road 252 to North Mountain Trail
SRT 1.5 miles Purple Map F, D-23 632017


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