Northside High School
40 Year Reunion
- Class of 1958
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Although Yale has always favored the violets dark blue
and the gentle sons of Harvard to the crimson rose are true;
we will own the lilies splendor nor honor shall they lack
while Northside stands defender of the Orange and the Black.

Through the four long years of high school midst the scenes we love so well
as the mystic charms to knowledge we vainly seek to spell;
or we win athletic victories on the football field or track
still we work for dear old Northside and the Orange and the Black.

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When the cares of life o'er take us mingling fast our locks with gray
should our dearest hopes betray us false fortune fall away;
still we banish care and sadness as we turn our mem'ries back
and recall those days of gladness 'neath the Orange and the Black.

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